New Community Kids values:

  • Safety: All New Community Kids team members over the age of 18 go through a background check and all receive specific training so that each child is safe and well cared for. In order to provide the safest environment for your children we have an established check-in process.

  • Fun: When kids have fun at church, they cannot wait to come back and bring their friends! We value creating fun environments where kids can learn about Jesus through games, activities, music, laughter and interactive experiences.

  • Age Appropriateness: Our environments and curriculum materials are created to meet the needs and interests of each specific age and developmental stage of childhood. We engage children in each unique phase of their life to help kids know God and apply God’s word to their life.

  • Relationships: We believe that the best way for kids to grow in their faith is to be around leaders who know, love, trust and follow Jesus.  Kids are given the opportunity to build relationships with peers and volunteers while deepening their relationship with Jesus.

  • Partnering with Parents: Did you know that this year, you will have over 3,000 hours with your children? At church, we have approximately 40 hours with them. Given these numbers, the church has limited potential to impact the heart of your child. As a church, we believe that partnering with your family, together we can provide greater spiritual influence as you lead your child into a growing friendship with Jesus. This is why we intentionally support and empower parents in their God given role and provide opportunities to combine the family with the faith community.

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