New Community Kids Safety Guidelines

We are so glad you are here!  Like you, we take safety and security seriously.  We ensure our environments are safe while providing a fun and meaningful experience for your kids. Our leaders want to make sure your family knows what to expect at New Community Kids.  Here are a some helpful details...

BACKGROUND CHECKS New Community Kids team members over the age of 18 go through a background check and all receive specific training so that each child is safe and well cared for.

WELLNESS Children who have shown signs of fever, vomiting, or other contagious illnesses should be symptom and fever free for 24 hours before coming to New Community Kids.

CHECK-IN PROCESS In order to provide the safest environment for your children, we have an established check-in process. Please check in all your kids from infant through 5th grade BEFORE going into the sanctuary. There are two ways to check-in:

  1. TEXT TO CHECK-IN (for children already registered in our system) - You may text to check-in on your way to church, from your parking spot, or on the campus anytime after 9:30am. Just text check to 650-386-0011, select family members attending that day, click check-in, and your name tags will be waiting for you in the church foyer when you arrive. Your security code for pick-up will be texted back to your phone.

  2. HOSTED CHECK-IN - When you arrive, come to the check-in are in the sanctuary foyer. We are happy to help you!

Each child will get two name tags with a security code. One name tag is for their shirt and one name tag is for the room. Parents/caregivers using hosted check-in will receive a tag for each child with the matching security code; when using text to check-in, you will receive the security code via return text. The security code is required for pick-up to ensure safety. Tip: Take a picture of the security code in case you throw it out with your coffee napkin. A photo works for us!

In the event we need to contact you during the service, we will send you a text.

ALLERGIES AND SPECIAL NEEDS New Community Kids is a place for everyone!  Please notify us of ALL allergies, medical needs, or behavioral special needs so we can make our time together safe and fun.

Babies and Toddlers - labeled bottles if needed
Preschool - graham crackers
Elementary - special occasions only as snacks are available before and after services

Contact Amanda Pandjiris, our New Community Kids Director at