charley scandlyn,
senior pastor

Charley Scandlyn’s ministry focuses on helping people live in the way of Jesus. He has launched and revitalized a wide variety of non-profits, starting in his college days. Charley has an MA in theology from Fuller Seminary and a BS in Business from San Diego State. Charley completed Stanford Graduate School of Business’ LEAD Innovation program as he was starting New Community Church. He previously served as founding executive director for the Ravenswood Education Foundation. Charley grew up in West Covina and San Diego, California. Together, he and his wife Nicole have seven kids.

Email: charley@anewcommunity.church



jaron cheung, 
Associate Minister of Youth, Young Adults 

Jaron is a leader and creative advocate with over ten years in education, youth-centered ministry and non-profits in Southern California and North Carolina. Born and raised in Fremont, California, to two deaf parents, Jaron is a proud Bay Area native and member of the Deaf community. With professional experience in leading at-risk students, Jaron’s focus is on youth and cultivating the whole person. Jaron holds an MA in Theological Studies from Duke University and a BA from UC, Riverside. He holds a California teaching credential and is a competitive mixed martial artist.

Follow Jaron: @jaroncee, @philthymind

Email: jaron@anewcommunity.church




Originally from the heartland, Kate Lamont fulfilled a lifelong dream by moving to the Bay Area in 2012 with her son, Noah. Kate is a creative artist who also loves organization. For the last ten years, Kate has worked in business operations and music ministry in tandem. She loves people and process and gets deep satisfaction from serving and adding value to her community. 

Email: kate@anewcommunity.church



Associate minister of KIDS

Amanda Pandjiris is our New Community Kids associate minister. She loves working with kids because they tell funny jokes and share their honest insights about life. Amanda grew up in Los Altos, California, and graduated from Vanderbilt University. She was a teacher in Burlingame and served as director of Kids Ministry at Central Peninsula Church’s south campus. Amanda and her husband, Tony, have two sons, Andy and Colin, who attend Menlo Park schools.

Email: amanda@anewcommunity.church



Dave Peterson,

Dave grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and thrives in creating socially safe communities for people to connect, discover commonality within differences, and experience authentic connection with God. His ministry has focused on spiritual formation growth through the power of community. Before becoming a pastor, Dave spent 17 years as a retail investment broker. He holds an M.Div. from Fuller Seminary and volunteers at East Palo Alto Prep Academy. Dave and his wife Kristina have three girls and live in Menlo Park.

Email: dave@anewcommunity.church



Aisea Lupeheke Taimani, associate minister of worship

Aisea is a creative artist and psalmist, born and raised in Newark, California, by his parents, Pastors Vaka and Neomai Taimani. Aisea grew up serving alongside his family at the First Tongan Assembly of God Church in San Carlos, where his mother and father still serve. Over the past 20 years, Aisea has focused on serving youth and congregations as a creative psalmist, speaking, performing, and teaching both internationally and nationally. Aisea released his first full record “Closer To Home” in November 2018.

Follow him at: @aiseataimani

Email: aisea@anewcommunity.church



Ever turcios,
Accounting associate

Ever manages accounting and other operations for New Community Church. He is also the senior pastor at Verbo Church in Tracy. Born in Guatemala, Ever immigrated to California in 1995 and became a U.S. citizen in 2019. He has served at Verbo Ministries since 1997, been a Board Member since 2010, and is a recognized Minister for Verbo Ministries International. He and his wife Nancy have been married for ten years and have two daughters.

Email: ever@anewcommunity.church



Justin verbo,
Ministry Associate

Justin was born in the Philippines and moved to Menlo Park, California, when he was eight years old. He is a student at Foothill College and loves to learn and develop a wide variety of skills. As a ministry associate, Justin supports the high school, middle school, and young adult ministries, and helps with technology, hospitality, and NC Kids teams. He enjoys working alongside people he loves and learns from every day. Outside of school and church, he can be found with his dog and close friends, playing video games, working out, reading, and writing.

Email: Justin@anewcommunity.church




Karli grew up in Bellevue, Washington, and holds a bachelor’s degree in biology and philosophy from Westmont College, Santa Barbara. She previously served as director of human resources at a children’s hospital, and has volunteered with Young Life, high school ministry, and women’s ministry. Karli and her husband Zack have lived in the Bay Area since they got married in 2009. They recently moved to Half Moon Bay with their two boys, Tennyson and Clinton, and their dog Whiskey.

Email: karli@anewcommunity.church



New Community Church Board

Board members provide strategic and spiritual guidance and financial and governance oversight:

Susie Baker*

Dede Barsotti*

Ann Carter

Andy Chan

Heather Fitzgerald*

Jenn Hipple*

Hardwin Mead

Erik Olson*

Ken Perez*

Charley Scandlyn

Annette Shelby

Zack Zarcone

*Joining the board in Fall 2019


Our appreciation, love, and thanks to exiting founding board members who served from February 2018 through September 2019.
Daniel Stid, Breena Wescott, and Mike Wescott.