Four Rhythms for Generous Living

We often identify generosity with financial resources, but while money can be a
means to generosity, a generous life is about so much more. I see four rhythms in
generous people:
1. Generous People create space for the moment: They clear the decks so that there is
room for that special moment when they can truly help someone. Race, education, Income
are not gating factors to helping, Time is the gating factor. Generous people create space
for that special moment that makes a difference in someone’s life. 
2. Generous People serve in the ordinary: This is the contrast to being helpful versus
being spectacular. The hard question I’ve had to ask myself as well as others is; "Do I want
to help or do I want to feel good about helping?” Generous people listen to discover the real
needs and then serve in the ordinary moments and spaces of helpfulness. It becomes
about the receiver not the giver. 
3. Generous People enter into the space of need: They do more than just provide an act
of generosity. Generous people actually enter into the space where a person is in need.
That person encounters not just a generous act, but also a generous person, and that
relationship makes all the difference. 
4. Generous People not only love, they love loving! Generosity can be challenging, but
it isn’t a burden. For generosity is about love, and the generous person loves loving, and
that transforms the experience for everyone they encounter. 
I want to live in these rhythms. I want to be this kind of person! C.S. Lewis says, "We might
think that God wanted simply obedience to a set of rules: whereas he really wants people
of a particular sort.” Let’s be God’s generous people together, forming a community Christ-
followers empowered by his love expressed through generosity. 

~ Charley Scandlyn